Soil Testing

CHB believes in soil testing to know your soil needs. Our goal is not just to look at the soil test to see what fertilizer is needed, but to determine what can be done to improve the overall soil health to make the fertilizer more available to the plants.

Building Better Soil Health

CHB uses methods like a no-till planter and planting winter pastures containing legumes and tillage plants to help build organic matter and the carbon in your soil. Building organic matter will increase your soil water holding capacity enabling your pastures to better withstand the dry periods. We would like to help you put a plan in place that builds and maintains your soil by getting the ph back in balance, and increasing your organic matter and carbon in your soil

The no-till planter can plant right into pastures without disturbing the ground – a big factor in maintaining and building organic matter and carbon in the soil. Soil scientists are finding that improving soil quality starts by managing the complex biological systems that live beneath the surface of the ground. Eliminating tillage and planting cover crops protect the soil surface and help build organic matter and soil carbon to help the soil function better. Many think that pastures need to rest in the winter, but in reality the nonproduction is starving the biological system. If you are interested in building your organic matter and Carbon, which is the basic measurement of soil quality, talk to us about a year-round program.

Planting Winter and Permanent Pastures

Our No-Till planter has three planter boxes capable of distributing very small seeds like Bermuda grass, alfalfa, clovers, turnips, and millets at a very small amount per ace. The second box is for larger seed like oats, wheat, rye, sorghum sundan, peas, and vetches. The third box is for planting fluffy grass seeds like bluestem and native grass.

Removing Brush

Our brush cutting process is the best technique for the removal of yaupon and heavy underbrush in Texas. Underbrush removal can allow desirable vegetation to thrive and restore land to its native condition. Our light-weight but powerful machine can grind all unwanted brush and trees up to 8″ in diameter. More traditional methods of land clearing often result in problems for the land-owner, including damage to the ground and desirable trees. We selectively remove unwanted brush without damaging valuable trees and the ground and eliminate the need to burn brush piles.

Herbicide Applications

CHB has over 40 years of experience with fertilization and agricultural herbicide applications. We have specific courses that we offer at our shop in La Grange, TX where we teach how to apply, what it does and what you can expect from the herbicide you have chosen.

Pesticide & Fertilization Sales

We carry a vast supply of assorted pesticides and fertilizers. If you have a question regarding which one you should use, just call or stop by the shop and we will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

We want to take your vision to reality through clearing brush, no-till planting, spraying weeds, shredding your pastures, or meeting other needs you might have. Call and schedule your next project today